Doing Business

The proceeds from all Business License and Occupational Taxes are used to maintain the services and quality of life that our residents and visitors enjoy and have come to expect from our city.

The City of Greenup requires all businesses conducting business within the City limits to maintain a current Business License. Renewed annually on January 1st, this license is based on the number of persons employed for the business:

  • 1-3 employees = $ 50.00
  • 4-7 employees=$ 75.00
  • 8-10 employees = $100.00
  • 10 plus employees = $ 125.00

The City of Greenup established an Occupational Tax of 1% for all businesses and employees who are employed or work within City limits as well. Forms and instructions for Business License and Occupational Tax forms can be found by clicking here: BUSINESS LICENSE APPLICATION,

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